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Panoramas in Chile

DSC_9188 - DSC_9198-OUT
Desierto de Atacama - Valle de la Muerte
Desierto de Atacama - Valle de la Luna
Salar de Atacama
DSC_9626 - DSC_9641-OUT
Lago Todos los Santos
DSC_9668-1 - DSC_9674-6-OUT
Lago Todos los Santos II
DSC_9698 - DSC_9702-OUT 1
Lago Todos los Santos III
DSC_9759 - DSC_9776-OUT
Lago Nahuel Huapi (Argentina)
DSC_9927 - DSC_9930 1-OUT
Patagonia Chilena
DSC_9937 - DSC_9940-OUT
Laguna Amarga (P.N. Torres del Paine)
DSC_0028 - DSC_0032-OUT
Glaciar Grey
DSC_0034 - DSC_0040-OUT
Glaciar Grey II
DSC_0077 - DSC_0087-OUT
Rio Grey (from Hosteria)
DSC_0092 - DSC_0103-OUT
Laguna Margarita (P. N. Torres del Paine)
DSC_0116 - DSC_0146-OUT
Rio Grey 360°
DSC_0151 - DSC_0158_JP-OUT
Cuernos del Paine & Monte Almirante Nieto
DSC_0169 - DSC_0174-OUT
Seno de Ultima Esperanza (Puerto Natales)
DSC_0276 - DSC_0278-OUT
We visited Chile, from Atacama to Perto Natales 8 years ago (November-December 2009). A wonderful country offering a lot of photo opportunities (see my dedicated album). I also took a number of pics for stitched panoramas...
Now thanks to the skin "Slide show 4" by AndreWolff, i am glad I can show them properly. It really offers a unique viewing experience.
Panoramas (4 to 30 frames each), stitched using Hugin.
Optimized for use on an HD (1920x1080) screen. For the best viewing experience, click the "Fulls Screen" button first. Then click "Start Slideshow". You can adjust the presentation interval and transition effect after clicking the "Settings" button. While viewing any pano image, you can go to fullscreen height view by clicking the "Expand Panorama" buttom, and then 'navigate' the pano by hoovering with the mouse. "X" button will close the current window going back to normal view / index page.
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