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Rapick's snapshots from Braunschweig, Lower Saxony, Germany

I spent a full month (October 2012) there, on a work contract. Sundays free for strolling around... but I discovered that my DSLR had been forgotten at home. So I had just my Samsung Galaxy S as a camera. I'd say these smartphone images are not so bad (after some mild editing in Capture One).

There is not so much left of the ancient 'Innerstadt' heavily bombed during WW2, but worth veiwing! You are carried back to Middle Age in Goslar (an old town 1 hour drive to South). Autumn colors are astounding in Braunshweig Burgerpark. Mascherode is a tiny village, contoured by meadows and woods, where I really enjoyed to stay...

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2012-10-27 10.49.02-OUT
2012-10-13 14.38.33-OUT
2012-10-14 11.29.27-OUT
2012-10-13 15.01.00-OUT
2012-10-13 15.04.48-OUT
2012-10-14 10.24.30-OUT
2012-10-14 10.18.51-OUT
2012-10-13 13.37.57-OUT
2012-10-27 14.16.33-OUT
2012-10-13 16.47.25-OUT
2012-10-13 16.49.57-OUT
2012-10-13 16.50.49-OUT
2012-10-27 12.50.20-OUT
2012-10-13 16.49.38-OUT
2012-10-13 16.51.13-OUT
2012-10-13 16.41.30-OUT
2012-10-13 16.35.17-OUT
2012-10-27 11.40.32-OUT
2012-10-14 10.24.55-OUT
2012-10-14 10.28.27-OUT
2012-10-14 11.07.18-OUT
2012-10-14 11.15.07-OUT
2012-10-27 15.19.01-OUT
2012-10-20 12.28.25-OUT
2012-10-20 13.36.38-OUT
2012-10-20 15.40.45-OUT
2012-10-20 15.40.29-OUT
2012-10-20 15.53.32-OUT
2012-10-20 15.50.38-OUT
2012-10-21 14.55.13-OUT
2012-10-21 14.33.01-OUT
2012-10-21 14.43.00-OUT
2012-10-21 14.44.25-OUT
2012-10-21 14.59.33-OUT
2012-10-21 14.59.45-OUT
2012-10-21 15.31.43-OUT
2012-10-27 16.53.58-OUT
2012-10-27 16.52.19-OUT
2012-10-27 16.51.32-OUT
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